What if Offering Product Repair Was Easy?

Our service platform makes it easy for any store to offer branded  repair, personalization, alteration, and more.


Case Study

Learn how performance apparel brand DUER boosted sales, reduced costs, increased brand affinity, and reduced their environmental footprint.

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Stand Behind Your Products

Keep your customers happy, get them back in the store, and attract new ones with premium, differentiated services and experiences.

Learn how to offer repair, care, personalization, and alterations without the headache.

How it Works

Boost Sales

Alterations drive conversion, and  new services become a brand new revenue channel

Reduce Costs

Reduce warranty and labour costs

Celebrate Sustainability Wins

Customers care, and they love to see the meaningful impact your services have while they get to enjoy a premium experience

Increase foot traffic

Every order generates extra foot traffic and more brand engagement

Increase Brand Affinity

Generate a world-class Net Promoter Score with premium experiences and tangible sustainability benefits

Supercharge Marketing

Connect with your customers through a new highly targeted email and SMS channel, and use your new services and sustainability wins to win customers over and back

Made for Retail

Our platform is retail-first. Your team will be able to process an order in minutes, with just 20 minutes of micro-e-learning training

We Put the "Re" in Retail Therapy


It's time for the definition of retail therapy to be updated. Shopper's want and deserve a premium option to take care of their product renewal needs.

In doing so, our partners experience a 20X ROI. Spruce pays for itself.

All while reducing CO2-eq, and keeping your products out of the landfill.

Talk about a win-win.

If It's Broke, Fix It

Get customers into your store, boost your brand and product reputation, and drive growth - all while keeping your products out of the landfill and reducing emissions.

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Case Study

Learn how DUER boosted sales, reduced costs, increased brand reputation, and racked up sustainability wins.

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What Our Clients Say About Us


Ops lead, duer

"It has been a blessing getting the day-to-day tasks related to hem/repair automated, for example automated emails to customers. Also, the responsiveness in communication for any order issues or product feedback has been top notch"


shopper at duer

"Super excited to use a company that repairs its clothes instead of me adding to the landfill!"


Co-Founder, Made outdoor

"By partnering with Spruce, our team can focus on what we do best - designing the most innovative technical clothing globally - while providing our customers with a seamless experience"


Sales Associate, DUER

"My favourite part is the sustainability of it, and it incentivizes the customer to continue working with us"


Sales Associate, DUER

"Once the customer knows alterations are possible, they simmer on the idea that they can actually customize the length as they browse, and since there aren't many places that offer it, customers are so surprised and excited about it"


Assistant Store Manager, DUER

"Spruce has acted as an important engagement tool for our customers, which solidified our values as a brand, our customers' understanding of who we are, and our commitment to them and our product"

Will Spruce services work for you?

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